Leon y Castilla Fashion Week

From 22nd to 24th of October, the XXII edition of the runway fashion of Leão and Castela will take place in the forum Evolution de Burgos, in order to promote the region's fashion sector.

Through shows, companies and designers of the region will show the innovation and creativity of their proposals to professionals in the sector, the media and the general public.

In parallel, activities will be carried out to enable to acquire new knowledge regarding the creation of companies or the entrepreneurship and commercialization of their products.

In this context, Maria José Carvalho, responsible for the agenda of Sustainability and Circular economics of CITEVE, will participate in the Burgos Fashion Business Meeting 2019, a meeting between companies and designers of the textile sector in the region of León and Castile, with different Entities in the European context. Thus, one of the biggest concerns of today is addressed: the ecological footprint generated by the textile sector.

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