The mobilizing project STVgoDIGITAL: Digitization of the value chain of the Textile and Clothing Sector, is a structuring project of the Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion, which aims to encompass a set of R&D initiatives, with the central involvement of companies in the Textile sector and Apparel and other complementary sectors that foster the adoption and transition to the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 and the digital transition, with emphasis on information and communication technologies.

The project is clearly aligned with one of the strategic pillars of the Portuguese Textile Cluster  – Industry 4.0 and Digitization, and will seek to advance the knowledge and maturity of digital solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of the sector. 

Digitization is, of course, one of the pillars of the cluster's performance, and this project is a comprehensive intervention aimed at raising the maturity of several digital solutions that will certainly have a relevant impact on the sector's ability to respond to the challenges of a very competitive and challenging market. , and in the external image of the Portuguese Textile Cluster.




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