Happy Hour for Entrepreneurs - iTechStyle Summit 2019

The DeFINE project, a platform to support young European designers and fashion designers, stimulated a briefing and dissemination of their offer, which was attended by several of the partners that make up their organization.
Ana Ribeiro, executive director of the Cluster Textile Technology and Fashion, told T Jornal that the initiative - on April 3 (in the context of iTechStyle Summit activities and initiatives) - aims to capture potential stakeholders for the project, to give them all the support in terms of services that this European system led by Euratex puts at the disposal of the young creators and students of the various courses of fashion design of the ecosystem.
The DeFINE discussion panel was held during the Panel on New Materials and Textile Applications, while the happy hour for designers, startups and students took place at the end of the day. 

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