The SmartX team is happy to announce nine funded projects, selected by a group of 12 external experts after a tough competition among 35 other brilliant applications. The grant designated for the first call – 706,000 € in lump sum – will be distributed among 16 different SMEs from eight EU countries:

Airbag Jeans: Airbag Inside, Avilar, Detecht Technologies (Sweden), and Monlid (Italy).

Sweat Monitoring T-shirt: Biometrica, Staff Jersey (Italy), Worldklaas (Belgium)

Dynaback T-shirt: Dynaback (Bulgaria) and Amohr (Germany)

Textile ECG Solution for long-term monitoring: Nathlos (Switzerland) and Zimmermann (Germany).

Bodee: Comftech (Italy)

Seat Mat: Sensing Tex (Spain).

ICRS system: HEE TEE (Spain)

Smart airbag belts: Wolk (Netherlands)

Moca-Ba: Kinfinity (Germany)


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