Rede de Clusters de Portugal

Clusters initiative in Portugal were launched in 2009 and a group of 19 Portuguese Clusters were then recognized, representing several value chains relevant to the national economy. The 1st cycle extended from 2009 to 2014 and a second cycle was set in 2015 for the 2017-2023 period.

Most of the 20 newly recognized clusters in the beginning of 2017 are part of the Portugal Clusters Partnership and hope to continue promoting activities and projects of impact in its value chains, contributing to the internationalization and competitiveness of Portuguese companies. A group of 16 clusters have decided in June 2017 to continue with the informal partnership called PORTUGALclusters giving sequence to a series of activities and regular meetings in which they were already involved.

(Read more at https://www.clustercollaboration.eu/cluster-networks/portugal-clusters-network)

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