Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are members of the Textile Cluster and have fundamental functions for reflection and strategic formulation around the structuring pillars of the Cluster intervention. These groups are a participatory instrument for intelligence, formulating collective bets and monitoring actions.

The objectives of SIGs are to define the strategic agenda for Research and Innovation, with a vision for 2030, which will inspire the decision-making processes of different national and international actors and the projection of national competencies and capacities in order to identify opportunities and future challenges.

The Portuguese Textile Cluster has identified 9 thematic areas as priorities for its strategy:

Green Textiles Club;
Mobility (automobile, aeronautics, space);

Habitat (home textiles, smart spaces, construction, architecture)
Military and Protection;
Digitalization of Manufacture and New Business Models (Industry 4.0);
Talent, Training and Education;
Design & Fashion;
Marketing and Communication.

Special Interest Groups currently have around 175 experts.

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