The Textile Cluster promotes Mission to Explore Business Opportunities

"The Textile Cluster was the pivot of a business mission at the Viriato Hotel Concept that involved companies such as LMA, MundoTêxtil, Têxteis Penedo, Lasa and ERT, but also CITEVE.

The objective of this mission was to know what Viriato does so that Portuguese companies, namely those that integrated the entourage, will establish partnerships for future business.

"We made the bridge between Viriato and the textile companies that made up the business mission," explained Ana Ribeiro, executive director of the Textile Cluster, noting that this mission follows the workshop "Textile and Habitat: Trends and Future Needs ", Promoted in February, at the Porto airport under the 51st Modtissimo.

"The objective now was to identify synergies and potential points of cooperation and business between the textile sector and this company producing furniture and decoration for hotels," he added.

Viriato Hotel Concept equips luxury hotel units worldwide to the most prestigious chains in the sector and values ​​the importance of technical and innovative textiles for the realization of big business.

"It's not the price, it's the ability to offer practical and innovative solutions to incorporate in all elements that are decisive and that win new customers," said João Martins, director of Viriato at the workshop held in February at Modtissimo. "And textiles play a role as they account for more than 60% of the overall budget," he said.
This mission was the first in the series of unique opportunities and multi-sector collaboration initiatives that the Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion is promoting. "


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