SmartX Workshops

During the autumn of 2019, SmartX will organize regional workshops in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden and an IoT hackathon in Berlin to share knowledge and prepare companies for the upcoming calls for projects.


The first Regional Workshop that took place in Biella, Italy on 30th September, hosted by Po.In.Tex was the launch of SmartX Community .

Some 35 participants attended workshop where the details of the upcoming first SmartX call were presented by Lutz Walter. After a presentation by Joao Gomes from CeNTI, Portugal on the state-of-the-art in smart textiles, several Italian SME's presented their innovation strategies in the field of technical and smart textiles.


The second SmartX workshop was organized within Centexbel´s “Textile Wearables in the world of IoT” conference in Liège, Belgium on the 1st of October 2019.
The event was attended by a variety of industry experts, including innovators, designers, creative labs, technology providers, and economic promoters. Speakers from prominent research institutes, universities, and companies in the field of textiles addressed several timely topics, most notably “challenges in the textile application of electronics and IT for smart textiles and wearables in the context of a connected world.”


The first part of the half-day information event explained the structure and approach of SmartX. Lectures from applied research on Smart Textiles / E-Textiles from the point of view of fibre-based materials and textiles, from the point of view of microsystems and from the point of view of data technology, and successful industrial examples showed the current status and inspire future possibilities. The event offered the opportunity to get first-hand information about the funding opportunities, current and future developments for Smart Textiles, talk to potential partners from the various industries and, if necessary, to initiate joint activities.


The workshop “Accelerate and finance your smart textiles project” took place in Barcelona on November 13, 2019. It aimed to highlight the potential of smart textiles and to present how the SmartX programme is going to boost innovation to develop an end-to-end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe to help drive promising prototypes to market, faster.


SmartX is going to boost smart textiles innovation to develop an end-to-end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe to help drive promising prototypes faster to market.
In this workshop you be able to:

Focusing on the SmartX project and how it can drive the journey in smart textiles, it has been made known to the SmartX support and financing application


Part of the “Boosting Innovation(s)” Seminar ,organized by the Portuguese Textile Cluter and CeNTI, 

the 6th regional workshop took place on 26th November, in Portugal. It aimed to bring together industry, technology providers, creative labs, designers, economic promoters and other stakeholders to discuss the challenges, technologies, and applications of key enabling technologies (KET’s) as a key driver for the development of innovative solutions for the textile and clothing sector.
During the workshop, the trends and main challenges faced by technology transfer in different areas of application were discussed: mobility, health, protection and well-being, construction and architecture;

An overview on SmartX project goals, call for proposals, support and funding to SMEs was presented.


The workshop “Smart textiles: What opportunities for IoT?” taking place in Lile, France at December 5, aims to give an overview of the possibilities offered by IoT technologies for the textile industry through the testimonies and feedback from solution providers.

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