SIGs Redefinition Completed

The redefinition of the Portuguese Textile Cluster´s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is complete. With have five Special Interest Groups (SIG) in operation, which currently involve 160 entities and 201 people from the universe of our members. 

The executive groups (executive group) as well as the animators / reporters of each SIG are defined.

Sustainable Bio Circular

This SIG, dedicated to the themes of sustainability, bioeconomy and circular economy is considered to consist of 37 entities and 44 people. The executive group is formed by:

Ana Lima (CCG)
Ana Paula Dinis (ATP)
Ana Tavares (CITEVE)
Bruna Moura (CeNTI)
Bruno Lopes (4 teams)
Sandra Ventura (Textiles Penedo)


SIG Performance encompasses the areas of mobility, habitat, military, protection, sport, health and well-being, which will be analyzed by the 51 people, represented by the 36 people currently enrolled in this SIG. It will also be led by the following executive group:

José Morgado (CITEVE)
Marta Martins (INEGI)
Nelson Durães (CENTI)
Patricia Ferreira (DAMEL)
Pedro Magalhães (Tintex)
Rui Amorim (ERT)


In this SIG, dedicated to the themes of education applied to the textile and clothing sector, are involved 37 entities, represented by 40 people. The executive group consists of:

Ana Lima (CCG)
João Bento (TMG)
João Gomes (CENTI)
João Oliveira (CITEVE)
João Pedro Pereira (INFOS)
Ricardo Silva (Tintex)


Skills SIG will focus on talent, training, education and new skills for the textile and clothing industry, and is made up of 29 people, representing 24 entities, with the following executive group:

Elsa Faria (CITEVE)
Manuel Cruz (Latin Clothing)
Miriam Abreu (TMG)

Product Design and Development

This SIG currently involves 26 entities, represented by 37 people, whose focus is on design in the aspects of performance, sustainability and circularity.

Ana Florinda Ramôa (CITEVE)
Andreia Silva (Latin Clothing)
Beatriz Ferreira (TMG)
Emanuel Sousa (CCG)
Guilherme Paixão (Borgstena)

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