Figures of the 3rd Edition of iTechStyle Summit, 2019

52 speakers from 15 countries, divided by 10 panels and almost 700 participants from 25 countries, were some of the figures that made the three days of the iTechStyle Summit of 2019. The summit dedicated to the textile and clothing industry was more international than in the past, where they were participants from 14 countries and "was entitled to the appointment of the conference - it is indeed an international conference", said Braz Costa, CEO of Citeve, at the end, leaving some indications for the 2020 edition, which will be decided based on a survey participants, who may also share their views on the duration and topics to be addressed through an inquiry. Just certainty about the venue and the accomplishment of what will be the fourth edition of iTechStyle Summit. "We'll see each other next year. I am sure we will be in the same place and we will be able to cross our opinion with that of other experts", Braz Costa said.

In Portugal Textil

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