IdD and Portuguese Textile Cluster sign protocol to support the competitiveness of Portuguese technical textiles

IdD and Portguese Textile Cluster sign protocol to support the competitiveness of Portuguese technical textiles

The IDD National Defense Industries Platform and CLUSTER: Technology and Fashion yesterday signed a Cooperation Protocol aimed at supporting the innovation and competitiveness of CLUSTER companies in the area of ​​Defense.

The Protocol foresees joint initiatives in various fields that promote the development of strategies for the internationalization of national companies and the promotion of joint projects with other entities of public interest, acting in a network through exchanges.

The parties will carry out national and international promotion and dissemination activities of CLUSTER companies in the area of ​​Defense, including those that integrate the Technological and Industrial Defense Base, as well as training actions and actions in the scope of the Economy of Defense that assist development of military capabilities.

Among the development projects covered in this Protocol are: the Soldier Combat Systems Program that aims to provide the military with all combat equipment used in an integrated way, the Advanced Combat Uniform project that aimed at the development of the new camouflage pattern multi-terrarium and its garrison uniform and the Auxdefense Project, financed by the Ministry of National Defense and whose objective is the development of advanced personal protection equipment.

The Protocol also provides for the support and promotion of the CLUSTER within the scope of industrial capacity development resulting from the participation of this cluster in the European Defense Agency's (EDA) cooperative research and development projects, "Adaptive Camouflage for the Soldier II "and" Ultralight Modular Bullet Proof Integral Solution for Dismounted Soldier Protection ". These projects aim to develop adaptive camouflage for the protection of the soldier and a new integral, lightweight and modular bulletproof solution that will integrate a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) detection system.

It is recalled that CLUSTER has the vision to become one of the most competitive in the world in the research, design, development, manufacture and marketing of textiles and clothing. Consisting of 39 companies and 15 non-business entities, 9 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been implemented in different thematic areas, with the common objective of reflection and strategic formulation for the development of innovation agendas with a view to 2030 as well as to enhance the skills and capacities to identify future opportunities and challenges.
This partnership with IDD arises as a result of the work carried out in the scope of the Military SIG and Protection, constituted by 16 companies and 5 non-business entities.
The Portuguese technical textiles have been distinguished by the innovation of materials and their application in defense, protection in general, fire fighting, automobile industry and competitive sport, among others.

The Protocol shall be valid for a period of 3 years.

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