Between January 20 and February 24, Wednesday mornings were filled by the Virtual Marketplace CLAMTEX. With about 200 participants in the bilateral meetings provided by the event, technical webinars, 21 organizations presented their cases, including 5 success stories, 9 textile progress and future challenges and 7 advanced manufacturing solutions.

The first webinar was focused on inspiring stories to embrace the digitization of the industry. The following 4 webinars were organized into specific challenges, including "Digital solutions for integrated industrial management applied in the textile industry", "Automation and awareness solutions for performance improvement", followed by "Robots in the industry" and "The potential of virtual reality in the industry ”. The latest webinar presented general European Commission funding opportunities for SMEs, including the new Horizon Europe framework program, the EIC Accelerator program and two programs to support SME expansion: InvestEU and the Single Market Program as well as European funding programs specific to textile and advanced manufacturing companies, including EIT Manufacturing, and the GALACTICA and ELIIT cascade finance programs.

You can now review each session:

Day 1: Towards Industry 4.0

Day 2: Digital solutions for integrated industrial management applied in the textile industry

Day 3: Automation and sensitization solutions for performance improvement

Day 4: Robots in industry

Day 5: The potential of virtual reality in industry

Day 6: Funding Opportunities for SME’s

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