Cluster-Têxtil-iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase

iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase


iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase is an initiative intended to promote in international markets, the excellence of Portuguese textile products in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

It is a CITEVE initiative with the collaboration of Paulo Gomes, as curator of the creative development component, in partnership with ASM - Associação Selectiva Moda.

iTechStyle Green Circle is first-hand presented in the second edition of each year of the Modtissimo, and later in fairs and other events relevant to the sector's business, mainly outside Portugal. Examples are the fairs Neonyt, ISPO, Heimtextil, Munich Fabric Start, among others, addressing markets as:

  • Fashion;
  • Home textiles;
  • Sports;
  • Personal protection;
  • Automobile.

Participation rules

iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase is an initiative open exclusively to Portuguese companies, who can apply for up to 4 articles, with relevant content in terms of sustainability and / or circular economy:

  • Fibres, yarns, thread, ropes and other similar;
  • Woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-fabrics and other textile structures;
  • Garments, home textiles or other made-up products / components;
  • Accessories (buttons, zippers, ribbons, elastics, lace, etc.).

In the candidate articles selection, the following aspects will be valued:

  • characteristics duly substantiated (preferably by certification or third part validation) of sustainability (3P - profit, planet, people) and/or of circular economy (use of renewal resources, upcycling, redesign, share, reuse, etc.);
  • level of differentiation/ innovation;
  • creativity in product presentation.

The selected articles may be presented in the iTechStyle Green Circle in the form they were proposed by the applicant company or applied in products to be developed by designers invited by CITEVE / Paulo Gomes for that purpose.

The selected products for each edition will be kept by CITEVE during a 14-month period. Candidate articles that were incorporated into products developed by invited designers will not be returned.

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